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Where the "First Hawaiian" Was Born

Hinaikamalama and Kaʻōnohiokalā

Māui and Hina

Kapa and Womenʻs Spaces

Order of Kalākaua at the Istana Besar, Malaysia

Language Note: Ke ʻOluʻolu ʻOe

Republic of Hawaiʻi Oath and ID

Mending Broken Bowls

Political Ad from the 1900s

Native Hawaiian Veterans: David Akui

Native Hawaiian Veterans: Herbert Kailieha Pililaʻau

Native Hawaiian Veterans: George Humehume

Native Hawaiian Veterans: Major Matthew Dewar of the British Army

Aliʻi Women Warriors

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Some Notes on King Kamehameha V

Queen Kapiʻolani and St. Marianne of Molokaʻi

"Gifting Hawaiian Names"

Pregnancy within Hawaiian Culture

Women Regiments, Rebel Warriors and Female "Bandits"

Racism and the Queen.

The Liliuokalani Educational Society

Revisting Women in Hawaiian History Via Herb Kane

Tua and Atua

"We the Ancestors" Podcast

Kepohoniʻs Engraving of Kamehameha I


Ka-wai-a-Haʻo Spring

The Old Archives Building

Some of Waiʻanaeʻs History

Marker in Honor of Hawaiʻi Sons Who Died in the US Civil War

Early 20th Century Job Ad in the Philippines for the Hawaiian Sugar Planters Association

Princess Kaʻiulani and Voting Rights

Princess Kaʻiulaniʻs Canoe At the Smithsonian

Alcoholism and itʻs Devastation on Native Hawaiians

Queen Kapiʻolani and her Legacy of Kapiʻolani Medical Center

Queen Emma and Queen Victoria